EdgeBridge helps organizations to become sustainable
by designing and managing practical projects to develop
both new business and creative leadership

EdgeBridge flexibly applies its knowledge, experience and connection to meet key strategic management themes

  • Market & Business Creation

  • Organizational Innovation & Intrepreneurship

  • Global & Creative Talent Development

  • Brand Experience, Marketing & Communication

EdgeBridge collaborates with client organizations in diverse categories and markets,
deals with unique business needs, and takes customized steps

While being Tokyo-based, EdgeBridge enjoys its projects in international settings

  • Asia

    • Japan

    • Mainland China

    • Hong Kong

    • Philippine

    • India

    • Bangladesh

    • Malaysia

  • Noth America

    • San Francisco

    • New York

  • Africa

    • Nigeria

    • Mozambique

In collaboration with Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University,
EdgeBridge is currently developing structured and inspiring methods for organizations
to develop creative talents called “Playful Ants” and crystalizing into papers.